Priolo Gargallo Turbogas Plant


CUSTOMER: ENEL SpA energy multinational, owned by the Italian State, and one of the leading global integrated operators in the electricity and gas sectors, for the thermoelectric power plant located in Priolo Gargallo in Sicily.

NEED: the turbogas plant was built in an area between the sea and a refinery, at the time owned by ERG. ENEL Spa, for reasons of visual impact, decided to carter the chimneys and the GVR plant.

SOLUTION: COLGOM, into account of the highly aggressive environment for the marine and chemical atmosphere, after a detailed technical report, formulated a suitable painting cycle by introducing the organic zinc primer by varying, therefore, the classic C3 cycle requested by ENEL S.p.a.

DISTINCTIVE ELEMENTS: primer replacement has made it possible to considerably reduce the painting time between the first and second coat, without altering the cathodic protection offered by the zinc powder.

ADVANTAGES: painting times reduced by at least two days, less risks of cracking of the organic zinc primer then the inorganic one initially envisaged with the classic C3 cycle. After an inspection carried out in December 2017, the excellent state of the casing obtained with the painting cycle proposed by COLGOM was still found.