Peccioli Dump


CUSTOMER: BELVEDERE SpA, a company between the Municipality of Peccioli and widespread Shareholders, which deals with the management of the Peccioli waste disposal and treatment plant, the production of solar and wind biomass energy, and projects in the field of renewable energy sources.

NEED: BELVEDERE S.p.A. for reasons of visual impact he decided to repaint the steel tanks, which had been made in 2010 by the CAVALZANI company, and then painted with a COLGOM cycle.
The tanks were still in excellent condition, without any sign of corrosion.
For reasons of time, only a normal pressure washer could be used to eliminate dust and saltiness as much as possible.

SOLUTION: COLGOM taking into account the difficulty for the optimal preparation of the supports, because placed on a ground adjacent to a dirt road, object of continuous passage of trucks for the transport of waste to the landfill, has formulated a painting cycle including an epoxy-polyamide primer of the SURFARCE TOLERANT type to ensure anchoring to the old finish. For the finish, COLGOM has proposed an aliphatic acrylic enamel, highly crosslinked with a UV ray absorber, to guarantee the maximum brilliance and resistance to chemical attack over time, respecting the requests of color tones made by the architect of the client company.

DISTINCTIVE ELEMENTS: drying speed, adhesion on already painted supports, resistance of the finish in terms of gloss.

ADVANTAGES: the drying speed has allowed rapid over-painting times and low risk that the damp film would incorporated dust.