Colgom srl was founded in 1952 to provide bespoke factory paints, as today still does. As years went by, Colgom promptly responded to the changes involved in an ever changing market by enriching its production.


Research and development have always been core values for Colgom, resulting in an ever growing range of supplied products. Indeed, high tech paints for steel finishing processes and rust prevention became part of the production in 1960. It was thanks to those innovative products that Colgom established itself in the domestic market as well as in the foreign market.


The product range was furtherly enriched during the 2000’s; water based enamel paints and primers for steel and construction industries started to be produced. Finally, nano tech paints became part of the production in 2018, as Colgom is always aiming at providing the most innovative solutions to its customers.


Since its foundation in 1952, Colgom has always sticked to regulations about rust prevention providing tailor-made solutions to customers. Accuracy and customized assistance have always been the core values that made Colgom srl a trustworthy commercial partner.



Rufolo Amedeo Favati founds Colgom and begins selling products for building materials and glass.


Colgom enrolls in Confindustria.


Rufolo Amedeo’s son Antongiulio joins the company. Colgom takes part in the Fiera del Levante in Bari for the first time.


Colgom takes part in the Fiera di Roma and the Fiera del Levante in Bari.


Colgom takes part in the Fiera del Levante in Bari.


Colgom launches its anti-rust paints on the market.


Colgom is hugely damaged by a flood.


Colgom resumes its production.


Antongiulio’s son Fabio joins the company. He builds up a thriving commercial network through which Colgom establishes itself in the domestic market.


Antongiulio’s son Marco joins the company. He dedicates himself to the developing of new products.


Colgom widens its range of products by introducing primers and water-based enamel paints.


Colgom launches its nano-tech paints on the market.