Glass is a very widespread material and for its characteristics, over the years, has found more and more use in the world of design. The products that Colgom has designed for glass offer solutions also of an aesthetic nature to architects and to those who work in the world of design and innovation. The paints for the glass can be realized in any shade, they are easy to apply and because of their versatility they can be used both in the industrial and handicraft sector. Our products can be used on skylights, internal and external stained glass windows.

Bituminous sheats are waterproofing and insulating membranes. Mostly in the form of black bitumen rolls, the sheaths are applied with the flame on roofs, even floors, terraces, balconies and coatings and have the function of creating a barrier preventing the rainwater from filtering. Colgom produces a sheath-saving, aluminum-based paint that protects the bituminous sheath from UV rays and other atmospheric agents. The paint sacrificing itself protects the sheath not only from the sun’s rays, but also from the wear due to the bad weather so it would be appropriate to reapply it every 8/10 years.

Wood exposed to atmospheric agents such as sun, rain, brackish air, snow, if not adequately protected, deteriorates more quickly. Colgom has made paints for the protection and finishing of wooden structures such as bathing establishments, mountain huts, but also gazebos or external beams.