The corrosion of the reinforced concrete frames is one of the main causes of the degradation of the concrete buildings, in fact the reinforcement of the concrete even though it is immersed in the cement paste can meet the phenomenon of corrosion.

The strongly polluting sulfur dioxide, present in the atmosphere, can penetrate into the pores of the unprotected reinforced concrete and arrive at the casing where, causing the decrease of the pH, it triggers the corrosive process called carbonation. The corrosion of the iron is manifested by the increase in its volume leading to the split of the reinforced concrete and the exposed steel structure, with consequent acceleration of the corrosive process.

In the planning phase it is very important to know the corrosive process to implement the protection system with the appropriate painting cycle, because the corrosion of the reinforcement irons is dangerous because it puts at risk the safety of buildings.

Even the concrete casing of the swimming pools can undergo a corrosive attack if it has not been adequately treated with a painting cycle, in fact if the water penetrates through the pores of the cement and arrives to the iron, the oxygen triggers the corrosive process.