Deutsche Post Roll-Off Container


PROPERTY: DEUTSCHE POST is the main German post office group and deals with sending letters and packages to Germany and the rest of the world. It also offers logistics services to multinational companies.

NEEDS: following the purchase of various national couriers, the need of the company was to harmonize the identifying colors of its brand through the complete repainting of the containers.

SOLUTION: Colgom proposed a three-stage painting cycle with an epoxy-polyamide primer rich in zinc phosphate. The recommended acrylic-based finish was distinguished by its excellent elasticity and resistance to UV rays.

DISTINCTIVE ELEMENTS: quick painting cycle, customized for the carbon steel structure of the roll-off containers placed in a difficult environment (salt on the roads). Excellent coverage of the enamel used, with pigments completely free of lead and hexavalent chromium.

ADVANTAGES: ability to completely paint four containers a day thanks to the fast-running painting cycle.